They are located on land near the town of Gobustan and in the underwater kingdom of the Caspian Sea. In total, Azerbaijan has about 350 mud volcanoes of the 800 existing in the world; Baku holds the first place with this number.  The first eruption happened as early as 25 million years ago.

Mud volcanoes of Azerbaijan 001

The origin of volcanoes is interconnected with the formation of oil and gas condensate, rich deposits have been found in some areas. By taking a sightseeing trip to the craters, you will definitely get plenty of emotions and pleasant experiences. But you should know that you cannot come close to the volcanoes, because it is dangerous, even if they look quite harmless.

Today Azerbaijan is famous for its mud volcanoes that made the list of the “Seven Wonders of the World” and 23 of them have gained the status of National Park, which are now carefully protected. The process of eruptions and bubbling in craters is active all year round. Sometimes eruptions may be accompanied by underground rumble and big explosions. Gases from the depths of a volcano erupt under strong pressure and then ignite. Flames can reach up to 1,000 meters above the volcano.

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Landscape near mud volcanoes is more associated with something unearthly and fantastic, after visiting these amazing places, you will get the impression that you have been on the Moon or on Mars. Geologists even concluded that there are similarities in the structure of mud volcanoes in Azerbaijan and the surface of the planet Mars.

Mud volcanoes of Azerbaijan

There are two things that a person feels after seeing this extraordinary miracle of nature – admiration and apprehension. While visiting a country of high mountains, ancient fortresses and flowering valleys, do not forget to visit the fantastic landscape with mud volcanoes.