Lahij is a mountain village, which already in the VII century, was famous for its weapons and utensils made of copper. To this day, in Lahij, the secrets of coinage, copper crafts and artisanal skills are being passed on from generation to generation.

Lahic Azerbaijan

Small streets of Lahij are incredibly cozy and beautiful. Many of the houses have been carefully rebuilt according to preserved ancient sketches.

This medieval town with cobbled streets and squares is one of the most famous craft and trade centers in the Caucasus and beyond.

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Lahij is especially famous for the manufacture of bladed weapons and copper utensils, decorated with engraved patterns.

Walking through Lahij, you feel like in a museum. It seems like every corner, every house, every stone here breathes history and creativity. If you’re in Lahij, you will certainly be taken in some house for tea. And in the yard, you will definitely see blanks – the brass plates from which the work of art will be born.

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To be honest, the tourist, who came for a trip, will most likely be not interested to stay in Lahij for long.  With all the presence of small restaurants, cafes and recreation areas at entrance, live in Lahij is quit and measured, and fades by the evening. Therefore, if you are a fan of secular entertainment, clubs, it is better to stop in any tourist center nearby, and just go to Lahij for a walk. But if you want privacy,to disconnect from the bustle, noise and music, there is no better place. Many people in the village rent out rooms in their unique houses. Here you can stay a couple of days, learn the basics of coinage from craftsmen, enjoy the scenery and draw. Lahij is a unique place, where everyone’s inner artist comes out!

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