Guba – one of the major cities in Azerbaijan. Located 165 km. to the north of Baku. The city was founded in the XV century, in the second half of the XVIII century it was the capital of Guba Khanate.

One of the most beautiful cities in the country, Guba is especially pretty in the spring, when its many gardens and parks bloom.


In Guba and around there are many historical monuments. Here remain numerous mosques – Cathedral Mosque (XIX c.), Sakina-Khanum Mosque (XVIII c.), Ardabil mosque (XIX c.), as well as House of Guba Khan, medieval baths and fortress.

The exposition is rich in local history museum, which among other objects of material culture presents the artful Guba carpets.


Vicinities of Guba are no less beautiful. Especially attractive for tourists are Afurdzhi waterfall, 30 m heigh, and Tengi gorge, that amazes by its pristine beauty.

Guba is known as a center of carpet weaving. Visitors take with them souvenirs by local artisans and famous Guba carpets.