Plov is a very popular dish in the Caucasus, Asia Minor and Central Asia. However, in Azerbaijan you can find and taste the most incredible variety of this ancient dish.

Azerbaijani national dishes have historically been prepared in copper cookware. And now in many regions and the rural areas of Azerbaijan dishes cooked in copper pans come out more delicious. Therefore, cookware of national cuisine of Azerbaijan is mainly made from copper.


In the Azerbaijani cuisine plov is prepared with melted cow (or cream) butter. This butter cannot withstand high temperatures, what prevents the occurrence of carcinogenic substances. Rice is boiled in water, poured over with melted butter and left for some time. Meat is stewed with onion, chestnut and dried plums.

Also, it is possible to cook plov with fish, vegetables and milk. Each variety of plov is unique in its own way. You can try these dishes in restaurants of national cuisine in Baku.