In connection with the first shopping festival in Azerbaijan that will be held from April 10 until May 10, as well as the IV Islamic solidarity games “Baku 2017” and “Formula 1”, hotel rooms have been booked since March, the adviser of the chairman of the Azerbaijan Tourism Association (AzTA) Muzaffar Aghakerimov told Trend.

According to him, in connection with the shopping festival, tourists are expected to arrive not only from Arab countries, but also from Iran, Russia and European countries.

“Most hotel rooms, especially in brand hotels, have already been booked,” said the adviser of the chairman.

Aghakerimov noted that most hotel rooms in Azerbaijan for April-May are booked by tourists from Arab countries.

The shopping festival is important in terms of attracting tourists to the country. Therefore, travel agencies and hotels should seriously prepare for the forthcoming festival and competitions, and develop additional programs for tourists” said Aghakerimov.