Gabala is located 217 kilometers away from Baku on the border with Russia. It is a mountainous, wooded region. Gabala is a paradise for nature lovers. In the summer, visitors can enjoy the many natural beauties of Gabala, and visit an amusement park Gabalaland, which is ideally located at the foot of the mountains, Lake Nogur gol, and waterfall “7 Gozel”. In winter Gabala offers its guests first class ski vacation. During the winter, Gabala’s Tufandag ski resort is popular among members of the royal families of the Gulf region.

Gabala Azerbaijan Nature

Gabala International Airport is 27 kilometers from the Tufandag ski resort. The presence of the airport makes it much easier for travelers (including VIP persons having their aircraft) to get to Gabala and its resorts.

Palace of Shaki Khans

Shaki city is one of the cradles of the Azerbaijani culture. The city is located 300 kilometers from Baku, in a mountainous area rife with forests. Shaki is anciently famous for its silks, sweets and architecture. Shaki has a well-preserved, wonderful summer residence of Shaki Khans. This is what the great Turkish poet Nazim Hikmet wrote about this palace: “If you needed to introduce Azerbaijan to the world with one single building, it would be enough to show the Palace of Shaki Khans”.

Sheki khan palace

The palace, with its magnificent frescoes, was built in the 1760s by Huseyn Khan. The palace, also combining the features inherent to folk residential architecture, is considered one of the best examples of palace architecture of the XVIII century in the Caucasus and one of the jewels of the Islamic East. Along with the historical part of the city, the palace is a candidate to be included to List of World Heritage Sites, UNESCO. A remarkable fact, not a single nail was used to assemble the stained-glass windows of the palace.

Shaki can sway you not only with the Khan’s palace, but with many other historical monuments, including the Albanian church in Kish village, caravanserai in the old part of the city.


Quba, one of the green picturesque corners of Azerbaijan, is located on the north of the country, 170 kilometers from Baku. Guba from old centuries attracted travelers for its natural beauty, cuisine, historic sites, as well as its orchards. An ancient mountain village Khinalig is located here, in the territory of Guba region. This village is the highest mountain village in Azerbaijan. Khinalig is located 2100-2200 meters above sea level. The population of the village has its own ancient language and speaks it to this day. Because of its geographic and ethnic peculiarities Khinalig attracts travelers from around the world. Lovers of forest and nature will be able to relax and have a plenty of walk in Kechresh and Tengyaalty. Those are woodlands, abounding with streams and rivers. Here, guests can find a large number of cafes and restaurants.


Golf enthusiasts can go to the Rixos Quba Azerbaijan hotel. All conditions for playing golf have been created here. The hotel is 7 kilometers from the center of Quba.


The village of Ilisu is located in Gakh region of Azerbaijan. The area is 350 kilometers from Baku. Ilisu is an ancient mountain village surrounded by the unique natural beauty. The architecture of the village deserves a special attention. Ilisu has not always been a village.

Ilisu Qax

Founded by Tsakhurs tribe, it became an independent sultanate in the XVII century. You can find a large number of thermal springs in the vicinity of Ilisu. The water of these springs is healing and anciently used to treat all sorts of diseases. Ilisu waterfall, having a height of about 25 meters, is located not far from the village. All the tourists who come here certainly visit it.


The ancient Azerbaijani city of Ganja is the third city in the country in terms of population. Ganja is located 370 kilometers from Baku. It can be reached by car or train; visitors can also use air transport, since Ganja has an International Airport. Flight from Baku to Ganja takes only 35-40 minutes. The mausoleum of the great Azerbaijani poet and thinker Nizami Ganjavi is located in Ganja.

Ganja Azerbaijan

Here you can taste the traditional sweets, such as Ganja baklava. In the city center you will find many ancient buildings and houses. Javad Khan Street, closed for transport and located in the historical center, will delight you with examples of local architecture.

Goygol National Park, one of the jewels of the Azerbaijani nature, is located 48 kilometers south of Ganja. Goygol Lake, one of the largest lakes in Azerbaijan, is located on the territory of the park. The lake water is fresh and blue; Goygol means “blue lake” in Azerbaijani language. There are 8 lakes on the territory of Goygol nature reserve. The total area of the national park is about 7,000 hectares.

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There are many picturesque places in the surroundings of Ganja; one of them is the city of Goygol, located 13 kilometers from Ganja. In the days of tsarist Russia the city of Goygol was called Elenendorf, and had a population of German settlers that migrated here from Germany. The colony was founded in 1819. To this day, in Goygol, you can come across many German buildings; the city vaguely resembles the cities of southern Germany.