1. Azerbaijan is a unique example of tolerance, in which representatives of the three world religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) lived for centuries in peace and harmony. Demonstrating to the world an example of the possibility of peaceful coexistence of people of different religious and national identity. Azerbaijan is a predominantly Muslim country which has a secular state structure and society. In this regard, Azerbaijan can serve as an example to many Muslim countries.
  1. Azerbaijan has a unique landscape and nature, having 9 out of 11 climate types is what makes it unique. Dense forests, mountain lakes, grasslands, snow-capped mountains, rich wildlife, all of this can be found on a relatively small territory of Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan also can be considered a country of mud volcanoes. The country has 350 out of 800 of the world’s mud volcanoes.
  1. Azerbaijan can be considered an ideal place for fishing and hunting, including falconry. No wonder many Arab princes and sheikhs choose exactly Azerbaijan for falconry.
  1. The rich and varied Azerbaijani cuisine will not leave you indifferent. National sweets will sweeten your stay in the country.
  2. Azerbaijan is at the crossroads of Asia and Europe, if you want to see how the symbiosis of Asia and Europe looks like, you’d better visit Azerbaijan.
  3. Azerbaijan has a rich history and a large number of unique historical monuments, some of them included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.
  4. The capital of Azerbaijan, Baku city, has an ancient history. It is the largest and richest city in the Caucasus. Baku is the economic, cultural and sports center not only of the country but also the region. Baku is a Muslim city with a European spirit and oriental charm!
  5. If you are visiting the country in the winter at your service there will be first-class ski resorts, equipped according to European standards, but at prices much lower than in Europe. Ski resorts in Azerbaijan are located in beautiful natural areas of the country, where fantastic nature charms you with its beauty.
  6. In the summer here is sun, sea and sand for you. Almost all of the east coast of Azerbaijan, which is about 400 km., is one large beach!
  7. The country’s capital city of Baku has experienced a building boom in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. As a result of this boom in Baku were built a large number of mansions, apartment buildings and public buildings. Almost all of them have a unique eclectic style. Baku can be called the unofficial capital of the architectural eclecticism of the late 19th early 20th centuries.