Azerbaijani manat – the exchange rate and local conditions

If you decided to visit Azerbaijan, then you should consider that, starting from 2015, the exchange rate of the Azerbaijani manat devalued by almost...

The regeneration project of an old power station in Baku

In many countries worldwide there is an increasing tendency towards conserving and preserving ancient monuments and historical sites for future generation. Industrial facilities can...

Mud volcanoes of Azerbaijan

They are located on land near the town of Gobustan and in the underwater kingdom of the Caspian Sea. In total, Azerbaijan has about...


Guba, Azerbaijan

Guba - one of the major cities in Azerbaijan. Located 165 km. to the north of Baku. The city was founded in the XV...

Lahij – an open-air workshop

Lahij is a mountain village, which already in the VII century, was famous for its weapons and utensils made of copper. To this day,...

Shaki – forests, history, sweets!

Shaki - one of the oldest cities of not only Azerbaijan but also the entire Caucasus, many findings on its territory date back over...


Sadarak & Bina


Port Baku Mall

Traditional food